displaced threshold markings

At some airports it is desirable or necessary to “displace” the runway threshold on a permanent basis. A displaced threshold is one which has been moved a certain distance from the end of the runway. Most often this is necessary to clear obstructions in the flight path on landing. The displacement reduces the length of the runway available for landings, but takeoffs can use the entire length of the runway. The FAA requires that displaced thresholds be marked as shown in Fig. These markings consist of arrows and arrow heads to identify the displaced threshold and a threshold bar to identify the beginning of the runway threshold itself. Displaced threshold arrows are 120 ft in length, separated longitudinally by 80 ft for the length of the displaced threshold. Arrow heads are 45 ft in length, placed 5 ft from the threshold bar. The threshold bar is 5 ft in width and extends the width of the runway at the threshold.

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