design quality control

QC during the design phase of projects is a very important part of a projectrelated quality program. The design team is responsible for their own QC. The design team shall provide a quality management plan prior to initiating design activities that identifies how they will achieve QC for the
project. The quality management plan describes the procedures that are to be followed for design changes, including sign-off and documentation. In addition, any contract quality requirements for design reviews and signoff from other departments within the Agency, such as construction and
operations, and other relevant Agencies must be stated. A procedure for the control of project documents should also be specified.

  • Calculations, drawings, and specifications are checked by qualified personnel not normally associated with their preparation.
  • Verify the design against the scope.
  • Constructability reviews make sure that the project includes the application of sound construction principles consistent with operating and maintenance requirements and accepted engineering practices for safe, efficient, and economic construction.
  • VE design reviews assure cost effectiveness.
  • Design validations make certain that the project conforms to the requirements of its intended use.

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