Manual Fire Alarm Boxes location


  • Manual call points should be located on escape routes, at all exits to free air and at all exits from each level of multi buildings.
  • For general applications, call points should be located such that nobody need to travel more than 45m to reach the nearest call point. This distance is based on measuring the actual route that would be travelled. If at the design stage the actual layout is unknown then a straight-line distance of 30m should be used as a design guide and the 45m limit verified after fit out is complete.
  • Call points should be located near to specific hazards (e.g. flammable liquid store) and at 1.4m (+/- 0.2m) from the floor in well lit easily accessible positions. Lower mounting heights might be needed to accommodate building users in wheel chairs.
  • The figures of 45m and 30m above should be reduced to 25m and 16m respectively if either a significant proportion of building users have limited mobility and it can reasonably be assumed that one of these occupants will be likely to be the first person to operate the alarm or if the nature of equipment or activity in an area gives a high likelihood of rapid fire development. The method of operation of call points should be the same throughout the building – all Cooper Lighting and Security call points meet this requirement, whether IP65 or standard types

Siting of Manual Call Points

  • All manual call points, whatever the system, should comply to B S EN54-11 single action Type
  • A version only and should be located as follows:
  • 3 On all storey exits and all exits to open air irrespective of whether they are designated fire exits
  • 3 Nobody should travel more than 45 metres to reach one, except if the exit routes are undefined in which case the direct line distance should not exceed 30 metres
  • 3 The above distances to be reduced to 25 and 16 metres respectively, if there are persons with limited mobility or there is a likelihood of rapid fire development
  • 3 In all areas with potential high fire risk such as kitchens etc
  • 3 Where phased evacuation is planned, call points will need to be sited on all exits from a particular zone
  • 3 1.4 metres + or – 200mm above the floor
  • 3 Call points fitted with protective hinged covers for whatever reason should be listed as a Variation