Fire Safety Objectives and Functional Requirements

Fire safety objectives

  • The fire safety objectives of this chapter are to:
    • prevent the occurrence of fire and explosion;
    • reduce the risk to life caused by fire;
    • reduce the risk of damage caused by fire to the ship, its cargo and the environment;
    • contain, control and suppress fire and explosion in the compartment of origin; and
    • provide adequate and readily accessible means of escape for passengers and crew.

Functional requirements

  • In order to achieve the fire safety objectives set out in paragraph 1, the following functional requirements are embodied in the regulations of this chapter as appropriate:
    • division of the ship into main vertical and horizontal zones by thermal and structural boundaries;
    • separation of accommodation spaces from the remainder of the ship by thermal and structural boundaries;
    • restricted use of combustible materials;
    • detection of any fire in the zone of origin;
    • containment and extinction of any fire in the space of origin;
    • protection of means of escape and access for fire fighting;
    • ready availability of fire-extinguishing appliances; and
    • minimization of possibility of ignition of flammable cargo vapour.