cold chamber die casting

Cold chamber die casting process differs from hot chamber die casting in following respects.

  1. Melting unit is generally not an integral part of the cold chamber die casting machine. Molten metal is brought and poured into die casting machine with help of ladles.
  2. Molten metal poured into the cold chamber casting machine is generally at lower temperature as compared to that poured in hot chamber die casting machine.
  3. For this reasoning, a cold chamber die casting process has to be made use of pressure much higher (of the order of 200 to 2000 kgf/cm2) than those applied in hot chamber process.
  4. High pressure tends to increase the fluidity of molten metal possessing relatively lower temperature.
  5. Lower temperature of molten metal accompanied with higher injection pressure with produce castings of dense structure sustained dimensional accuracy and free
    from blow-holes.
  6. Die components experience less thermal stresses due to lower temperature of molten
    metal. However, the dies are often required to be made stronger in order to bear
    higher pressures.

There are some advantages, disadvantages and application of this process which are
given as under


  1. It is very quick process
  2. It is used for mass production
  3. castings produced by this process are greatly improved surface finish
  4. Thin section (0.5 mm Zn, 0.8 mm Al and 0.7 mm Mg) can be easily casted
  5. Good tolerances
  6. Well defined and distinct surface
  7. Less nos. of rejections
  8. Cost of production is less
  9. Process require less space
  10. Very economic process
  11. Life of die is long
  12. All casting has same size and shape.


  1. Cost of die is high.
  2. Only thin casting can be produced.
  3. Special skill is required.
  4. Unless special precautions are adopted for evaluation of air from die-cavity some air
    is always entrapped in castings causing porosity.
  5. It is not suitable for low production.

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