cmms meaning

Computerization of any management function has become possible and in some cases relatively common. Computerization has yielded significant benefits, but it has also yielded disasters. Thus, if we are to be successful in computerizing maintenance management, it is necessary to know the components of the function The components described here are appropriate for the various types or levels of maintenance work including routine, preventive, corrective, shutdown, facility, and the like.

Work Request. A document that instructs the maintenance department that work is required. It identifies the equipment number, a unique job number, the work requested, any approvals required, and the priority of the work

Work Order. A document that instructs the maintenance person in what is to be done. It identifies crafts, if appropriate, materials, special tools, critical times, and provides other necessary information to accomplish the job. The format for the work order must be agreed upon at the beginning of the computerization process. It is the key to definition of the job, planning, scheduling, and control of the work, plus developing histories for future analysis. Although no database is preloaded, one is rapidly generated.

Prioritizing. The act of determining which jobs have precedence. Since the function of maintenance has limited resources available at any given time, this act is always performed in a formal or informal manner.

Work Plan. The asking of why, what, who, where, when, and how the maintenance group will respond to a work request. It provides logical answers to these questions

Job Sequence. Frequently called scheduling. It recognizes priorities and resource availability and can be done at several levels.

Total Backlog. A listing of all work in the computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) that is yet to be done.

Ready Backlog. A listing of all work in the CMMS that is ready to be scheduled.

Control Reports. An after-the-fact record, or accounting, or what has been done and some form of measurement.

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