Classification of air conditioning systems

Based on the fluid media used in the thermal distribution system, air conditioning systems can be classified as:

  1. All air systems
  2. All water systems
  3. Air- water systems
  4. Unitary refrigerant based systems
  • All air systems:

As the name implies, in an all air system air is used as the media that transports energy from the conditioned space to the A/C plant. In these systems air is processed in the A/C plant and this processed air is then conveyed to the conditioned space through insulated ducts using blowers and fans. This air extracts (or supplies in case of winter) the required amount of sensible and latent heat from the conditioned space. The return air from the conditioned space is conveyed back to the plant, where it again undergoes the required processing thus completing the cycle. No additional processing of air is required in the conditioned space. All air systems can be further classified into:

  1. Single duct systems, or
  2. Dual duct systems

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