Electrical Engineering

what is a luminaire ?

A luminaire is any device that includes a lampholder and the means of electrification and support for that device. Lighting fixtures are luminaires that are permanently attached to a building. In other words, a table lamp is a luminaire but not a fixture Types of LUMINAIRE Direct luminaires Indirect luminaires Diffuse luminaires Direct/indirect luminaires Asymmetric …

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Living Room Lighting

Most living rooms require flexible lighting design solutions because they serve a broad variety of changing functions. The lighting in a typical living room should comfortably serve small group conversation, larger social gatherings that include casual eating and drinking, and more solitary activities such as reading, music listening, and TV viewing. Somewhat less typically, a …

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below are LIGHTING DESIGN SOLUTIONS steps : Step 1: Determine Lighting Design Criteria Standards for illumination are set by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA). Illumination is generally measured in the horizontal plane 70 CM above the floor. Step 2: Record Architectural Conditions and Constraints Record the architectural conditions that may control or …


what is a turnstile

Turnstile provide the ability to restrict passage to a single person at a time unlike a  door that, once open, many individuals can pass through. Turnstiles and portals manage pedestrian traffic flow and access at checkpoints. Turnstile technologies range from a simple, stand-alone rotating tripod with no accounting functions to electrically activated barriers with optical …

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what is a circuit breaker

Circuit breakers provide a manual means of energizing and de-energizing a circuit and automatic overcurrent protection

Switchboard Definition

The National Electrical Code® (NEC) defines a switchboard as a large single panel, frame, or assembly of panels on which are mounted, on the face, back, or both, switches, overcurrent andother protection devices, buses, and usually instruments. As this definition indicates, switchboards enclose various devices. For example, the following illustration shows two switchboard sections, an …

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what is Fuses ?

Device containing fusible link that protects electrical circuit from over current condition only Types of Fuses Cartridge Fuse Constructed with zinc or alloy fusible element Enclosed in cylindrical tube Element ends attached to metallic contact piece at ends of tube Normally used on circuits rated between 250 volts and 600 volts Maximum continuous current-carrying capacity …

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advantages of led lights

Major Benefits of LED Lighting Long Life Energy Efficiency Ecologically Friendly Light Dispersement Excellent Color Rendering Durable Quality Zero UV Emissions Design Flexibility Operational in Extremely Cold or HotTemperatures Instant Lighting & Frequent Switching Low-Voltage

What is BMS ?

what is BMS answer is A micro-processor based system which centralizes and simplifies controlling ,monitoring ,operation and management of heating, air-conditioning, ventilation & other building services to achieve »Safe and comfortable working environment and Energy Saving & efficient operation at reduced Time & Cost. Components of BMS Centralized Work Station Computer With powerful user-friendly software. …

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