bms features

the main Bms Features are showing below :

  • Human / Machine Interface
    • Interact with the connected building equipment.
    • User friendly For operators, engineers, and building managers
Human / Machine Interfac
  • System Security
    • Provides Security levels for Land lord.
    • Authority levels.
    • Accessibility by user  .
    • Access log summary
  • Data presentation
    • Data graphics , tools , measurements , charts  , tables ,…..etc.
    • Integrate with Leasing Plans.
    • Graphical representation of the equipment performance
  • Alarm Management
    • The presentation in the sequence of importance and time of : potentially dangerous situations and process value deviations .
    • Guiding the operator to take appropriate action through: audible and visual indications, Email, and SMS.
    • Alarm summary (Time, date, priority and description).
  • Reporting
    • Present customized subsets of data .
    • Actual or historical state .
    • Export as a word or excel document or to a printer.
  • Time Scheduling
    • Time-based start/stop of the equipment .
    • Saves energy cost and efficient operation .
    • Effective for lighting, occupancy control .
    • Can be as daily, weekly, for holidays or events .
  • Remote connectivity
    • Provide remote access to the system with full functionality through :
      • Local area network.
      • Dial-up.
      • Internet via web browser

Typical User Interface Options as part of bms features :

  • Can be a basic LCD display through to full Graphic Operator Workstations.
  • The Graphic Interface must be intuitive to use and not require an Engineering degree to interpret
  • They must provide sufficient level of detail to enable the operator to determine what is happening and what is going to happen next
  • Graphics need to provide access to parameters for tuning and seasonal information needs to be built into the system
  • User defined menus and Built into the BMS controller or a remote device,Password protected,Monitor and control field points, operating setpoints, time schedules, alarm management, even trend data

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