as built documentation

As-Built documentation, meaning documentation of the existing state of structures is an essential input for architects, project managers, engineers, designers, or planners.

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The project manager should assure the construction contract calls for the contractor to mark up the changes on the drawings and specifications as they occur during construction and turn in a set of marked up drawings and specifications. Under general direction of the project manager, the construction manager verifies the construction contractor is keeping the drawings up to date. The project manager should provide in the agreement with the designer of record scope for the designer to review, approve, and produce the final as-built drawings.

The commissioning manager will use the as-built documentation as necessary to commission the project. As-built drawings will save significant life cycle costs and avoid potential safety hazards during operations and life of the facilities. The commissioning manager will review the final as-built drawings and assure they are a part of the final commissioning report

The benefits of As-Built documentation:

  • Generate 2D drawings, floor plan, sections, etc.
  • Review corporate 2D layouts
  • Identification of deviations between the original documentation and the reality
  • Preparation of 2D drawings including scales, compound walls, facades
  • Separation of pipes to individual parts, drawings of valves, regulators, etc.
  • BIM
  • Preliminary preparation for static data conversions
  • Visualization
  • Data needed for reconstruction work
  • Effective support for the control of collision

As-built modelling can document and visualise buildings and even provide 3D visualisation with the integration of BIM. As-built software and BIM can provide technical benefits that would greatly improve the productivity and sustainability of your construction project throughout its lifecycle.

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