application of forging

Almost all metals and alloys can be forged. The low and medium carbon steels are readily hot forged without difficulty, but the high-carbon and alloy steels are more difficult to forge and require greater care. Forging is generally carried out on carbon alloy steels, wrought iron, copper-base alloys, alumunium alloys, and magnesium alloys. Stainless steels, nickelbased super-alloys, and titanium are forged especially for aerospace uses.
Producing of crank shaft of alloy steel is a good example which is produced by forging. Forging processes are among the most important manufacturing techniques utilized widely in manufacturing of small tools, rail-road equipments, automobiles and trucks and components of aeroplane industries. These processes are also extensively used in the manufacturing of the parts of tractors, shipbuilding, cycle industries, railroad components, agricultural machinery etc.

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