airport master plan

An airport master plan is a concept of the ultimate development of a specific airport. The term development includes the entire airport area, both for aviation and nonaviation uses, and the use of land adjacent to the airport . It presents the development concept graphically and contains the data and rationale upon which the plan is based. Master plans are prepared to support expansion and modernization of existing airports and guide the development of new airports.

The overall objective of the airport master plan is to provide guidelines for future development which will satisfy aviation demand in a financially feasible manner and be compatible with the environment, community development, and other modes of transportation. More specifically it is a guide for

  1. Developing the physical facilities of an airport
  2. Developing land on and adjacent to the airport
  3. Determining the environmental effects of airport construction and operations
  4. Establishing access requirements
  5. Establishing the technical, economic and financial feasibility of proposed developments through a thorough investigation of alternative concepts
  6. Establishing a schedule of priorities and phasing for the
    improvements proposed in the plan
  7. Establishing an achievable financial plan to support the
    implementation schedule
  8. Establishing a continuing planning process which will monitor conditions and adjust plan recommendations as circumstances warrant

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